Being Yourself Openly

What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly.” ~Carl Rogers

I keep thinking about the fact that I am completely surrounded and grateful for having people in my life that allow me and encourage me to be who I want to be. I have never been so open in my life with the people I love.

Ethical Slut. Nothing wrong with having a good, healthy sex drive/life. One partner or multiple, sex is what you make of it. Love is what you make of it. Just be an Ethical Slut and wear your slut badge with pride, no matter if you are a guy or a girl. Be true to who you are. Never make excuses or apologize for that.

Realize that being who you are is the only way you can be happy and make anyone else in your life happy. If someone can’t love you for who YOU are, then they don’t deserve you. It took me a long time to learn to be who I want to be and not what someone else wants me to be. I was someone who wanted to please everyone around me when I was younger. It took someone to put the mirror in front of me to see that what I am and who I am is what I should be and that I’d be happy with that and if I wasn’t…change what I’m not happy about. This person didn’t allow me to be anything but what I wanted and needed for myself.

But beyond being who you want to be within your own self, you have to be who you are in relationships and with relationships. Relationships tend to have ceilings on them. Limits that hold us down and bind us. There are a lot of things we wouldn’t do when in a relationship…but have you ever questioned why the relationship holds you back and binds you down? How beautiful are relationships when there is no ceiling on them?

The freedom to be who you are openly and realizing it’s enough not just for you but for the people that love you is exhilarating. It’s peaceful and unbinding. It is truly a step forward in your life and eye opening. What you have to give may not be for everyone…but it is for the people that matter most to you in your life. Take the time to be who you are openly and aggressively, even if the world doesn’t see you now or tries to hold you down, one day…one day they will see the equality and peace it brings you just by doing so.

NEVER apologize for who you are and know that you ARE good enough.

About Ethical Slut

I'm a poly, kinky, bisexual, Ethical Slut that rides the swinger line. I am a huge advocate for being who you are openly with no apologies. I am just trying to help the world understand like minded people like myself one word at a time. This is the poly and kink world for people like you and me!

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  1. Great post.

    I can identify with much that you say, particularly about the need to please everyone else and although I still struggle to be as open as I want to be, even with my partner, I know that the more I am the deeper our relationship goes and the happier we are.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you!

      I have to ask, the more you are what? Open as you want to be? Or the more you please everyone else?

      If you’re saying you know that the relationship goes deeper and you are both happier when you are open and yourself…good for you. It’s important to be open and yourself with everyone in your life, especially someone you are in a relationship with. I know that it can be difficult to not please those we love, and sometimes it might be easier to do so, but in the long run…it does nothing but destroy who you are and what your relationship is.

      I am glad this post was something you relate to. I’m always glad to share anything here. If you have questions or wish to hear me write on a subject, please let me know. I’d be happy to cover anything you are curious about.

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