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Unacceptable Me or Unacceptable You?

I always thought I was someone who could get along with anyone. One of those people that never meets a stranger. I think that I am still this person, to some extent. Honestly, I like this part of who I am as a person. I like that I give people the benefit of the doubt and multiple second chances (even to my detriment at times, but I have learned from those mistakes and will continue to). I like that I try not to judge people upon one encounter, no matter if that’s a first impression or after knowing them for a long while. Hell we are all human and we all screw up. We all make stupid mistakes. We all act like a bitch or douche at times depending on circumstances, sometimes out of our control (and yes that paints a wide brush of circumstances). What is in our control is how we act and who we are. And even sometimes, we don’t always show people the bright and positive sides of ourselves. Which is why I am the way that I am. I want to believe that people in general are good. I want to believe that I am the kind of person that they might like and I like them. I know this isn’t always the case, and I am fully aware that it can be perceived as naive, and yes, sometimes it does make me as such. But I have met too many people in my life that want to judge someone over one stupid mistake they made when that one stupid mistake isn’t what makes that person. And honestly, I have also been labeled and judged many of times because I am so willing to allow people to be themselves and am so open, honest and willing to believe there is good in humanity. I’ve been labeled and judged as someone who is manipulative and a back stabber because they expect my willingness to be their friend means I am trying to get close to hurt them.

Point is, I like who I am with people. I like that I am the person that will hug you as a greeting and be excited to meet you and talk to you. I try not to be over bearing about it. I try to be someone that is comfortable to be around. But lately, I have started to see a pattern. I am not seen the way my intentions are put out there. I am seen as someone who can’t be trusted, too much and intimidating. I am labeled as someone who is trying to prove something…to prove that I am better. I have been seen in the light of all the things I hate the most in people, and I honestly don’t know what to do with that right now.

I know I am different than most women. I don’t hide the real me. I don’t hold back on what I want and need and expect everyone to just know without me saying a word. I don’t wait for someone to fix a problem and not say a word about it to let them know there is one. I don’t expect what I don’t put out there. And I think this is part of where I can’t relate to most women. A lot of women take one look at me and think they can pin me down with a label or opinion and that is never, ever shifted. I hate people who think they can just “read me”. Because guess what? You can’t. Every single person I have ever known that has tried to “read me” has gotten it wrong, with the exception of Laz. And that is simply because he listened to me. Let me show him and talk to him about who I was and what I expect, want, need and mean by things. He has challenged me on all these things and I am grateful for that, but he also doesn’t make those challenges be the end all be all of how he see’s me. Everyone else I have ever known that tries to pin me down and label what I want, need or do without me actually telling them, has always gotten it wrong. I can’t understand those that think they just “know me” or “know what kind of person I am” if I am always honest with that with myself and those around me. I don’t kid myself. I face my actions and if they aren’t matching up with who or what I truly am, I will adjust or face my actions to see if I need to adjust my mindset to match the actions. My thing is, don’t think you know me better than I know myself…because guess what? You’ll always be wrong, I don’t care how well you think you know people or think you can read people. That’s just along the same lines as assuming. And that doesn’t fly with me and never will.

All of this falls into the feeling that I am not acceptable to people around me at any given time. Does that mean that there is something wrong with me? No. I seriously don’t think that. Especially when I know my intentions are good and the way they see it is totally opposite because they are reading into it when it doesn’t need to be. I don’t think there is a problem with me and who I am, because I know I act so nice and open with others because I want to believe they will with me as well until I am proven wrong. Why walk into someone’s life assuming that shit will blow up, be bad, fall apart or go bad? Call me naive if you need to and it makes you feel better. But I just don’t see myself ever getting along with anyone or even having a poly relationship if I view everyone I meet as a potential asshole or bitch. If I see everyone else as they see me then I won’t be any better than the people who judge or assume things about me. You just can’t convince me that I am the one in the wrong and if you think you can, bring it on. Because all this shit does is hold me back and cause issues because no one else can have an opened mind or heart the way they claim they can and do. I will not change unless someone can honestly show me what I do and who I am with others is wrong.

Online Dating

I have thinking a lot about online dating lately. Hell its the only way I can usually meet people because of work and life and….I’ll admit, I just don’t know how else to get out there lately. The way I used to just doesn’t work right now and I am not sure it really ever did for me. Anyway, I have talked to a lot of different guys recently. None have panned out really, but I am learning to not dwell on it and move on. I realize there are a lot of people out there and not all are for me or I for them.

I am rambling. Sorry. Its late and I can’t sleep and this post and thoughts came to mind.

My whole point is that I feel its a decent way to meet people, but you have to realize a few things. One being you have to be careful. This is most important. I don’t want to sound like a paranoid woman here, cause I am not. But it is true that you have to be careful. You never know who you are talking to. And you never know if they are giving you truth for you to choose the situation you are getting into. Honestly, online dating is no different than dating any where. You meet someone in a bar, are you automatically going to give out your full name, address, place of employment and other personal info? I sure hope not! I don’t let people know where I live for a while. Granted I have made stupid mistakes in the past, but I have learned from them.

I recently put myself in a situation that wasn’t ideal, and this wasn’t even from online dating. I wanted and needed control of a situation and I did control it, but it could have easily gone bad. I took comfort in the thought that many people I knew, knew this guy and we had met before a few times and I felt I was in control. In the end, I was. And I handled a possible bad situation.

Point is with someone new, I am not sure I’d take them home first meet. Hell I have talked about wanting to, for some “strange” or because I felt a great pull and connection so far with them, but I don’t know that I actually would. Its a nice idea to be able to trust someone that way, but in reality, this is not always safe or ideal. I have met some creepy ass people in online dating and all it took to get rid of them was a “I’m sorry, I am just not interested” (for courtesy) and if they don’t take that answer a block. Because they have no other way of finding me or getting ahold of me, at least not from what I have provided. Because I was safe and didn’t let them know things that could find me in a harmful situation.

Everyone, guys and girls alike, need to only ever put themselves in a situation where they are in control and have an out. This means clear communications about everything, including expectations. Meeting in a public place. Never giving out your personal information that could easily track you. The list goes on. What would make you comfortable and completely safe in a bad situation? That’s the question you need to ask yourself.

I have the safety thing on my mind mainly because of my recent encounter with a dickhead, but the online dating on my mind in general because I have been taking it all too seriously lately. In the sense that I have been taking rejection or things not panning out too personally and I now know how silly and ridiculous this sounds as I write it. But it is true. I have had a lot of flakes, fakes and just down right sucky encounters with people online lately. I seem to be finding all the douchey people lately or people who are too far away or just don’t work well with me. And I took every failure personally and let it effect my self esteem. It was silly and ridiculous. There are so many people out there. I will run into people who don’t fit more often than people who do and that is not something that should be taken personally. I have felt better since realizing how silly I have been and its actually helped my outlook on talking to people in general. I mean who knows, my online adventures may not even be right for me. It certainly isn’t for everyone.

But realizing I have to be smart, safe and open-minded in the online dating world or just in the dating world in general makes things easier to manage.

So I hope everyone takes these late night ramblings to heart and understand to some extent my point. ;-)

Different strokes…

Things in my poly world have changed quite a bit recently. And after having a few different conversations, I realize it might be good for me to put some of this out there for a lot of reasons. I have been at the poly thing for 9 years now, and damnit if I am still not learning, growing, facing fears, jealousy, insecurities and new situations every day. Its a part of it all. And while some of it might seem frustrating as hell in those moments, in the end there is clarity. Hence what some thoughts have brought me to tonight.

Recently a long term relationship of my partner Laz has moved closer. Much closer. Like from 45 minutes away to about a mile from our house. She’s in the neighborhood. This was something I have seen as good from the beginning, but doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous as hell about it. I’ll be honest…I was a bit scared. Laz and I haven’t dealt with this kind of relationship right in our backyard before. It was going to be a huge change. And that’s what I focused on was this huge change for he and I. Not realizing this might be scary as hell for her too. That she might be worried and scared about the same things I am. And while yes, I have considered her feelings and her situation, I don’t think I really grasped the depth of it all. How we might both be walking on egg shells. How we might both be touchy. How we might both jump to conclusions. How we both want to respect the time spent. Its an adjustment…but not just one I am dealing with. Its one that Laz is dealing with, with both her and I and one that she is dealing with, with her family and Laz…but…she’s also dealing with this with me too, and I with her.

I think and feel that we both have tremendous respect for each other and the relationships we hold with Laz. I know there is a lot of feelings at the surface right now and we are all adjusting and working through them. And taking the time to put myself in her shoes is key to a lot of this. And I think its key for each of us to do so because we are all adjusting to something here. And while we are adjusting we are very aware of each other, or at least we try to be. Maybe too much at times? I admit, I have been too touchy, and I’ll guarantee they have too. We are human. And that’s the thing we have to remember. Along with the fact that too touchy, while not necessarily helpful, does mean we care. And maybe that’s a crazy way to look at it, but that’s kinda where my clarity came tonight. I feel like no matter what our intentions are pure, honest and loving of one another. And sometimes when things aren’t quite settled, we have to keep in mind that intentions, while pure, sometimes come across fucked up, because again, we are human.

Point is, I realize that as frustrating as things might be lately, its frustrating because we care. And maybe me realizing that is what I needed to feel secure, loved, respected and equal. All in all I just need to keep these thoughts in mind. And I need to remember always that I am not being replaced….I am gaining a woman that is strong, beautiful, caring, loving, honest and that loves Laz with all her heart and soul in my life. I am gaining family. I am gaining more love in my life. And I pray she will always accept the same from me.


Intimacy has been a big factor lately in the relationships that revolve around in my poly world. The question of intimacy is a big deal in all relationships. I have realized through out the past 9 years of my life that it is the glue to not only our relationships but our humanity. Its funny how no matter what kind of person you are, we all need intimacy on some level. My poly life started with the rekindling of the soul and intimacy in someone’s life, and quite honestly my own life. That intimacy healed two souls that were lost and broken. Granted, there was a lot of foot work and healing we did on our own, but this was the beginning, the open door that showed us we were wanted, needed and desired. This need to feel these things is apart of our humanity.

Recently, I lost sight of what intimacy is in my life and how it surrounds me everyday. I lost sight of what seemed like the little things that are really huge in my world. I took them for granted and never meant to or realized I was doing it until I didn’t have it for a short time. One of my simple pleasures that I didn’t realize was such a big deal was the moments I have with my head on Laz’s chest at night. We sit in the living room and decompress from our day watching TV together and when we are both on the couch I lay my head on his chest and he cuddles me close. This is one aspect of our intimacy. It might seem simple, but this is such a huge connection between us.

I realized all of this and awoke from my blindness of it’s importance when we had a busy week with the kids in the house and neither of us took the time to do this for each other. We let life get in the way of this connection and I didn’t have it for nearly a week. The longest I have gone without it, I might add. In this time, I felt so very lonely and disconnected from him. But it was such a good thing in the end. It opened my eyes and heart to what I took for granted. And because of that, I have been so grateful for him and the time we have had since. Of course I never want to go without it again, because he and this gesture of love and intimacy are such a big part of who I am.

I see so many things in the past couple of weeks that are the true intimacy between us. And I have found that this is so important in any relationship, especially one that has lasted as long as ours. The longer you are together the more you become blind to the intimacies you have created together, we all tend to take them for granted once in a while. Recognize the things your partner gives you that you get from only them. A simple look. A touch. A word or two. A gesture. All of these things and so much more are a form of intimacy. Its so much more than sex, so much more than just physical. It’s so many things when someone is woven into your life with love and trust. Never lose sight of those little things…because in the end they are very big. Without these intimacies, we lose each other…we lose the relationship…we lose ourselves in the things that are not important in the end.

Long time…

I haven’t written anything for a long time here for a lot of reasons. Life has been crazy and hectic and lots going on. But I will admit that the biggest reasons are I haven’t been inspired and I haven’t felt worthy to write anything here. My relationships have been through a lot lately. I am still very much in love and am loved in return, but everyone has their ups and downs. I will admit some of the downs have been because of me, but I can’t and won’t put the blame all on myself. We all make wrong choices and actions. Of course, there is nothing we can’t fix with communication and understanding. And that’s what we’ve been doing. We are stronger and better for it. I have faith and believe in the love we have. Granted nothing terrible has happened, we just let life take hold and lost sight of priorities. And of course frustrations and stresses in life get to everyone and sometimes that means you have no energy for anything else.

But my problem is I have lost myself a bit. Not in my relationships or because of them, life has been crazy and my depression and anxiety digs its claws in. While my depression isn’t circumstantial and never has been, that doesn’t mean someone with it can’t get worse due to circumstances. So I am taking action and trying to find the happy me again. The confident me that everyone loves and knows so well. Instead of adjusting medication I am starting to see a lifestyle friendly therapist. I have faith that this will help me get back on track and be happy with myself again, so that I feel that I can let my loves in again to be happy with me. And of course to be happy with myself again and rebuild who I know I really am makes a huge difference.

There has been too much negative thoughts and feelings for me lately and its causing a lot of insecurity in the places in my life I should be the most secure. And I have to admit its really hard for me to admit this, especially here. I have been so good for so long and been so confident in who I am and who is in my life that its really hard to think I am back tracking, or at least it feels like it for now.

I can guess where some of this is all coming from, hell I have been through a hell of a lot in the past 6 months much less the last couple of years. So I am human, what can I say? I just have to find myself in all the stress and frustration again. And I know I will, just need some patience and understanding.

Anyway, I share this here only because I wanted all of you to know I was still around and hope to be writing more soon. Also, I wanted everyone to be reminded we are all human and aren’t perfect. We all have struggles, its how you handle them and move forward with them that matters most.

All my love until next time. Be good to yourselves and each other. ♥

Mono mindset in the poly world.

I have noticed for a long time that there is a lot of monogamous thinking in the polyamorous world. I didn’t really think too much about it till the other day when the subject of a friend having two primaries was being questioned by a long term poly person. This bothered me a great deal. While I have always said that polyamory is what each relationship or individual makes it, it still disturbs me that a long term active poly person would not only question someone’s structure in relationships but the way they love in a negative manner.

If having multiple emotionally, deep relationships is acceptable then why is it unheard of that one person or many people see two or even three of their partners as equal? Of course there will always be different priorities, wants and needs with each relationship, but for one person to have two (or more) people that they see as primary and equal, what is wrong with that?

For that matter, why do we even have to label any relationship as primary or secondary? I hate those terms. But I know sometimes those labels have to be used in the outside world to understand a situation. People tend to see priorities as a way to label their relationships, and while I agree to some extent how that could be the case, I also think that makes no difference, it simply depends on the circumstances. For example I see Laz and Lady as equals. They are very different relationships and very different priorities, but I love both very much and can’t see myself without either of them. They are woven into my everyday life and emotions. They mean the world to me, one no more than the other. So I see these two as my primaries, if you want to put a label on it.

Do I think this concept is what works for everyone? No. Just as monogamy or polyamory isn’t for everyone. My point is that if some can recognize that people are capable of living more than one person at a time openly and honestly, then why do we have such closed minds to the idea of loving our partners equally as primaries?

As I said before, the priorities are different so sometimes one might come before the other, depending on the circumstance. But this does not mean that I love that one more than the next. If we have the capacity to love more than one person at a time openly and honestly, why can’t that love be equal and a priority with as many people as our hearts accept into our lives?

It truly is a monogamous mindset in a polyamorous world.

Being Thankful

In the past 8 years I have constantly counted my blessings with the life and love I have in it. Recently I have realized just how blessed and thankful I truly am. I have always been aware but you get those reminders sometimes where you just can’t believe how lucky you are. Its been like that lately.

I have a well established relationship with Laz that I have complete faith in. I know I have the kind of love and man every woman wishes and dreams for. But even with it being a well established relationship, that doesn’t mean that we have to stop working at it and putting ourselves fully into each other. I often think others see our relationship as a well oiled machine, but I don’t like that metaphor because it implies our relationship is mechanical and that is part of what we work on it not becoming. He makes me feel too alive for us to become mechanical.

For him, our relationship and the fact that we are constantly communicating and working together to make the most of our relationship I am so very thankful. I couldn’t be luckier than I am in these ways.

I am also thankful for the support in the past year and a half. I couldn’t have made it out in one piece without my family (including chosen and blood), but most of all my Laz. They have all supported me in so many ways. And Laz has gone above and beyond to help me through my unemployment and money problems. He also supported me emotionally and mentally in ways I could never repay him. This and so much more are reasons why I know Laz and I are soul mates and can stand the test of time together with our love and each other. We have been through so much together that has made us stronger and more in love than ever. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. I will live my life loving him and being thankful for him and his love every single day.

To add to my thankfulness, a new addition not only to my life, but Laz’s life and our family as a whole. A woman that was truly an unexpected pleasant surprise for us. She has brought her life and family into our home and found love, comfort, joy, passion and peace here, and we have found the same in her and her family as well. We have a relationship and poly family we have always dreamed of together. And as we build upon this love, trust, passion, beauty and relationships we are thankful and thrive on these blessings.

It is hard for me to express in words how very loved and grateful I feel for that love in my life…for the support…the beauty…the passion. Even when I feel lonely and sometimes a bit lost in those hard times, I know in my heart that I have so much to be thankful for and to hold close to my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely readers. Be thankful for what you have and who you have…because if you have love and support in your life, you are rich beyond your wildest dreams.

This day…

8 years ago today my life changed. A door didn’t just open up for me…it flew off the hinges and I have never regretted it. I learned what true love really was and felt it with every fiber of my being. My heart began to heal, my soul to warm itself by the heat of passion and fire that surrounded me. I began to truly love myself and forgive myself. I began to live.

I have never been one of those girls that believes in the things like Valentine’s Day. I have always believed that we should show the love we have for someone everyday and shouldn’t need an excuse to do so or to do something special or caring. I have never expected gifts or flowers or candy on any occasion. Hell, all I have ever wanted for my birthday is to be with the one(s) I love and receive birthday wishes. Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t go all out for the people I love if I can.

My point is, I have never been one to make one particular date a big deal. Except one. My anniversary with Laz has always been very important to me. The thing is I have never done this with any other anniversary. But this day is special to me. It goes so far beyond how special Laz is to me, because you should all know by now that he is incredibly special. But I strive to make that a point every day and to tell him that as often as possible. Never has a day gone by that I can remember that I haven’t said I love you to him. He is beautiful and wonderful to me every single day of my life. This date is special to me because of him, because I love him, because of what he has done for me (which is more than I ever dreamed any one person would do) and because my entire life changed from that day on. This date is about us, yes. But it is also about me and the beginning of a journey of massive proportions.

The best way I know how to explain it is in someone elses words, unfortunately.

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

THIS is what Laz did for me and continues to do every day. He is my true soul mate because he challenges me every day. Never has let me give up. Has held me up when I have felt so beaten I could hardly stand. He has been the person that took my breath away and gave me new life. He was the beginning of so many beautiful things in my life. He made me take a look at myself and create my own happiness.

I realize today and have for some time that I did most of the work to become who I am and have the happiness I have found and maintain. But he was a push in the right direction. At the time a good reason to reevaluate my life and happiness. Without his love, passion, support, strength and “Captain Blunt”….I really don’t think I would be here today.

So today isn’t a special day just because it is my anniversary with him. Its special because its the anniversary of my eyes opening and me seeing the new light in my life. It was the true beginning of my life. And without him, I never would have gotten there.

8 years ago today I fell in love. Took my life back. Became truthful with myself and the world. Met the greatest man I would ever know. Found my soul mate. Began to love myself and see my self worth….and became me.

Happy Anniversary, my love. You are my best friend, soul mate, lover, partner, savior and my spiritual husband. I love you more each and every day with every breath I take. I am the luckiest woman in the world and am so very grateful for your love, how you have touched my life and will continue to and everything you have done for me. Loving you is the best thing in my life.

Establishing ground rules before you play the game…

I have seen so many people walk into the Swinger world and Poly world jumping feet first into the deep end. For some…it all comes natural, which is a VERY rare thing. But no one can go in knowing exactly what they expect of their partner, themselves or what their partner expects of them without discussion. Quite frankly I am sick of running into people that don’t discuss things before they jump in the deep end. What they don’t understand is this causes serious feelings being hurt and drama that could be prevented.

There is also the concept of not knowing exactly what is okay with you until you try it and have the reaction. The thing to keep in mind here is patience and understanding. If something ends up not being comfortable for you once it happens and you thought it was going to be okay with you before, discuss it with your partner and let them know that you didn’t have the type of reaction you had expected and you aren’t ready for that yet, or may never be. But letting them know is key. I have talked to so many people who say “I have read up on a lot of Polyamory in books and online” or “I know myself and I know how I would react and that I would be okay with my partner with another person”. Comments like that mean nothing in the real world of Polyamory. Because you don’t know how you will truly react to something until you actually experience it.

This is why it is so important to talk with your partner(s) before hand. Let each other know what you are comfortable with or at least comfortable with trying out. And know that ideas, rules, boundaries and comfort can change and grow with the relationship, you and the people you are involved with.

Let me explain how Laz and I do it. We are in constant communication on the things that we expect from each other, want and need. After being together for 8 years it comes natural and easy for us. But lets say you are new. Before any given situation like a date or party or whatever you should always do a run down of the boundaries or rules you have set in your relationship. What you are comfortable with doing or not doing. Just what is expected in general with each other. Once these things have clearly been established stay within them. At the end of the situation, regroup. Discuss what happened. Figure out how you feel about what happened. Be patient. Keep in mind that if your partner stayed in the guidelines of what was put forth they have done no wrong. If they have done something that upset you or something that you discussed as being okay but you find your reaction was not what you expected, discuss it. Voice it. Talk to each other and come to compromises…re-evaluate and take the time to process individually and together. If need be, come back to the conversation after you processed feelings and reactions a bit. But it is important to always re-evaluate your situations as they come and know if a thought or feeling has changed since the action or situation.

Its an on going process. Even after 8 years Laz and I still do this. Granted there isn’t really ever a lot that changes at this point because we are so sure of where we stand, but we are more than open to realizing that as we grow and changes, our ideas and feelings do with the relationship. You need your partner(s) to know that the door is open and everything is always up for discussion.

Only you can make it work. And you are on the same page…then there is more of a chance that it will work…even if it does take time, patience and re-evaluation to get where you want to be.

Weakness or Strength

I have been getting to know quite a few new people lately. In that process we tell our own stories a lot of the time. We discuss history and the past. Sometimes that history and past isn’t so pretty. It can be full of pain, discomfort, vulnerabilities and mistakes. Not for all of us, but some of us have stories like that. What I have found is its a matter of how you view these stories in your future and your present life that matter. And I have been thinking a lot about this lately for a lot of reasons. Partly because I am scared of sharing all of me sometimes, because I am afraid of getting hurt. I am also afraid of being judged.

I used to see my past pains and stories as scars. I felt the world needed to know my scars right away so they could see how damaged I was and worthless. But when I took a good hard look at myself I realized these stories were not scars but strengths. When I was able to view them as such my whole life came together and began to make sense and I became the woman I always admired and dreamed I could be. Our stories do not make us damaged and worthless but more complex, whole and stronger if we let them. We are more admirable if we see this in ourselves….and if we see it, won’t others? However, I still often worry that when I share these parts of me and how I reacted to it all then the people I am getting to know and care about might be secretly judging me and seeing me as weak. It’s hard not to feel vulnerable about our past and the pain we’ve felt or are feeling at any given time. But if we can focus not only on the happiness we’ve encountered as well and realize that if we’d just take a moment to learn from our pain and mistakes we can overcome and be stronger for it.

By allowing myself to be emotional and open up to someone to come inside my walls I am not being weak, I am taking a chance and allowing myself to trust someone else and that takes so much courage and strength. I am allowing this person to see me for who and what I am. I am showing them the building blocks of how I got where I am and where I am in that given moment. Sharing that is not being damaged, worthless or weak…it is being amazing, beautiful and proud of me. It is not showing my scars but showing my beauty and strength. I am not ashamed to share my past and when I have been weak. Because those moments are what make me stronger and more beautiful. That pain is what has brought me to be who I am today. Had I not accepted it and chosen to see it as strength I would not be here today.

There are so many of us that find opening up to others as showing cracks in our walls and foundation. I have found this to not be the case. While we should be able to be alone with ourselves and love our selves first, we should also allow others inside our walls, for we can not live this life alone. Sometimes we need help and support when we feel weak. Allowing others to help us through our hard times is very often needed in everyone’s life. If we do not let someone see our moments of need, then how can we possibly feel loved and cared for? How can we feel connected to people? If we do not open up and let someone know we love them and care for them by sharing ourselves with them, then aren’t we not only cheating ourselves but them as well? Aren’t we only giving them a small part of us that is superficial rather than every corner of us….even the dark ones?


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