Why I’m Here

I have always been one that believes we should always be ourselves openly without apologies. I’ve been actively Poly, Kinky and bisexual for 7 years now and I’ve been a blogger/amateur writer for much longer than that, but I never really thought about putting these two passions together until I decided to open this blog up. I decided I wanted to put myself out there with no apologies and advocate for the things I believe in while also helping others understand the lifestyle I live. Because there is no acceptance without education and understanding.

I am not a professional in the Kink world. Nor do I claim to know everything about being Poly by any means. However, I do have my own experiences and I hope to share them and my thoughts here. I hope this blog turns into something that will guide and help others. Maybe satisfy a curiosity. A place that will be a source of news, maybe a source of entertainment at times. I also hope that it will be a source of encouragement when it’s needed. A source of knowledge. I hope that it will give anyone a chance to see what they haven’t before, or at least help them learn to open their mind to understanding or acceptance.

Please feel free to contact me thru comment or email (polyamory.foryou@gmail.com) if you have any questions, concerns or even topics you’d like the hear about from me.

So this is me advocating the Poly and Kink world for people like you and me, one word at a time.

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