One Word at a Time…

In the past week I have had people ask me about how I view my choices of being so open in not only who I am, but what I believe when it comes to being Poly, kinky and bisexual. I’ve had two actually and an event that made this subject come to light here. These questions I have answered with no hesitation, which I couldn’t honestly say that years ago. So let me put this out there and make it very clear if you question how I deal with my life as a whole and how I present myself to the world.

I do not hide behind my words. I act out my words. I do not hide behind this computer screen for all to wonder who I am and if I truly believe what I say here. I hide no where and from no one. I am very open to everyone in my life about who I am and what kind of life I lead. I do it respectfully and yes sometimes it’s best to leave your personal life personal, but I honestly wouldn’t give it a second thought if someone I worked with found out about this place, this person I truly am. If someone in my family found out about me (which you’d be hard pressed to find a family member that doesn’t know at this point). I out myself everyday. Me. I do it. I’m aware of my words. I’m aware of my actions and how powerful they can be not only to myself but the world and people around me. I put myself out here to be heard. That is why I started this blog. That is why I am here today. Not to rub it in anyone’s face. Not to be obnoxious. But to let people know this is who I am and what I believe. If you can not handle that, then that’s not my problem. My family loves me for who I am, including this side of me. This person I choose to be and put out there is just me…raw…exposed…beautiful…happy…aware.

I am not ashamed of what I put here, no matter who reads it. I do not back down. I am a voice that is heard and I am so proud of that voice, no matter who hears it. I am respectful of my surrounds, always. I am respectful of the people in my life. But what I put here is a choice. A choice for you to read and try to understand, accept and move forward….or….a choice to stop, walk away and never to return here. The same goes for being a part of my life. I am always respectful and I mind the audience I have at any given moment, but I will never apologize for who I am and what words I put here.

Simple answer is to those that question what I would do if someone found this site that knew me but had yet to know this part me…I don’t care. I care that they try to understand and accept me for who I am and what I stand for. But I don’t care if they have an issue with who I am or what I stand for. If they can’t take the respect and decency to try to understand and accept me for who I am…why would I want to have them in my life in the first place? I do not share this part of myself with everyone I run across, for the reasons that it’s a need to know basis with some people. But if they found out by some chance, I don’t care. If they want to discuss it, I don’t care. I will discuss it with them if they so wish, but I won’t force it upon them.

I will never force anything down anyone’s throat. But I will speak if I will be and want to be heard. I don’t expect anyone to agree with my beliefs or my relationships, but I expect the respect I give out. So, that is my stance on putting myself so openly out here. I put myself openly out to most everyone I meet. And I do realize that my life is one that has that luxury.  Some careers and lifestyles don’t have the ability to be as open and honest as I want to be.

But this is why I am here. This is me taking that opportunity to advocate for you…even if it is one word at a time.

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